All Moroccanoil products are oil-infused, offering a unique approach to hair care and styling for every hair type and need.


“Saving ordinary humans from themselves”

Evo is a innovative , professional hair and beauty product with individuality and integrity that speaks the thruth. Inside every bottle of evo that are bursting with personality , you’ll find luxurious products that are sulphate , paraben, dea ,tea and propylene glycol free, products that give results while respecting the environment.

EVO Fabuloso

F-A-B-U-L-O-S-O colour intensifying conditioners provide an instant hair colour combined with a nourishing treatment. We stock 7 different shades , and is used to revive and brighten coloured hair in only 3mins.

EVO Fabuloso Pro

Customized take home Conditioners

We’re in charge of our own destiny , we create our own colour, you know what im saying, we understand each other and while we’re at it, we’ll give them some of that ‘take-home goodness’.

Fabuloso Pro : we’ll make it together.


Cloud Nine

From the original founder of GHD, Cloud nine brings you the latest in hair straightening innovation. Each of our Irons features intelligent temperature control technology to give you a sleek, shiny finish and kinder styling.